Data Juggler News
9.20.2015:Open source project Recursive Search is
5.1.2014:Lava Pub Development Begins. Read the Lava Pub blog post (my first blog):Lava Pub Open Source Platform
4.30.2014:Regionizer 2.1.2 With C# Auto Commenting Video Is Released on YouTube! Watch It Here There are two contests listed if you watch the video and read the comments.
4.26.2014:Regionizer 2.1.2 With C# Auto Commenting Is Released on CodePlex! Regionizer 2.1.2 is released and now has an extensible C# commenting system
4.5.2014:Web Property Creator 2.0 is released on CodePlex! There is now an installl for Web Property Creator, so it now runs without Visual Studio.
Mar 31, 2014:Delimiter is published on CodePlex! Delimiter makes it easy to convert lists to comma delimited lists.
Mar 17, 2014:Bit is launched! Visit for Bitcoin price analysis and alerts.
Mar 3, 2014:Service Installer is published on CodePlex! Service Installer makes a great replacement for InstallUtil.exe.
Jan 22, 2014:NFlate 1.5.2 is released; A few improvements were made to the Main Menu control.
Jan 12, 2014:DB Compare 1.5.1 is released on CodePlex The 1.5.1 version includes a swap button as well as check constraints are now compared.
Jan 9, 2014:RAD Studio Code Generation Toolkit 5.0 is released on CodePlex The 5.0 release now includes a 'SetupRADStudioControl' to help new users get started.