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DataTier.Net creates stored procedure powered data-tiers for C# developers and is an alternative to Entity Framework.
DB Compare
Compare two SQL Server databases and view a report showing any schema differences. Export database schema to XML for remote comparisons.
XML Mirror
XML Mirror uses reflection to make it simple to create C# Xml Parsers and Writers.
Transparency Maker
Manipulate images using Bitmap Query Language or BQL for short. If you know SQL, you know BQL.
Batch Image Converter
Convert a directory of .jpgs to .pngs or vice versa.
Random Data Generator
Create random member and address data for testing SQL Server applications.
Password Vault
Do you suffer from password overload like I do? Password vault was a tutorial project for DataTier.Net, but I use it to replace a couple dozen notepad files.
DataJuggler.Win.Controls is an open source user control library and Nuget package for Windows Forms (desktop) development. Nuget package name: DataJuggler.Win.Controls
Regionizer is a Visual Studio extension and C# document formatter, code generation tool and an auto commenting system for C# developers.
Solution Shipper
Solution Shipper is like zip compression for visual studio projects.
Ultimate Helper
Ultimate Helper is the ultimate collection of C# helper classes. Nuget Package Name: DataJuggler.Core.UltimateHelper.
Delimiter is a simple C# Windows Forms app that makes creating comma delimited lists easier. Integrates with SQL Server Management Studio.
DataJuggler.Net includes code generation and database schema reading components that power DataTier.Net, DB Compare, XML Mirror and more. Nuget Package Name: DataJuggler.Net.
Random Shuffler
Random Shuffler is an open source project and Nuget package that makes it simple to create random numbers and includes methods for card and dice games. Nuget package name: DataJuggler.Core.RandomShuffler.